Seiya Classic 1.0.7 Patch

The time has come for Seiya‘s 1.0.7 update—and with it, an array of changes, improvements, bug fixes, and more!

please look forward to a full post about these changes soon!

Here‘s a quick highlight of what‘s coming with this update:

Giga Bice (World Boss) power was reduced.

The requirements for completing daily quests have been reduced.

New Instance Content: Dark Valley has been added.

New Daily Quests have been added for the Dark Valley dungeon.

New Items: Elemental Belt and Elemental Charm

Item Mall: New skin set effect system, new wings, and new weapon skins

Login Time event rewards changed

Several other adjustments and bug fixes have been addressed.

And more!

Without further ado, let‘s dig into the updates!


Dark Valley is an ancient land created by Seiya centuries ago and protected by the beurwinhilde

At the center of this ancient, forest-covered area,

Seiya built an underground valley to house a divine relic imbued with Seiya divine magic.

Jyanade has caught wind of the relic powers.

Dark Valley daily quest Item ‘Ground Purification 1‘, ‘Ground Purification 2‘, and ‘For the Peace‘ has been added to Nanaa Paras and Arebeth Wallen NPC.


A new sealed items ‘Elemental Belt‘, ‘Elemental Charm‘, and ‘Seal Breaker‘

The Elemental items can be found at Kabala Dump and Tears Of the Destroyer 

How to break the seal?

Dialog with Arcbot.

Select Seal Breaker 

Upload Elemental Belt and Seal Breaker or Elemental Charm and Seal Breaker

If Seal Breaker is successful, you will receive an unsealed ‘Elemental Belt or unsealed‘ ‘Elemental Charm‘

There are two types of Elemental in Seiya: Belts and Charms.

Belts and Charms add one, two, or three stats to your character.

For beginners, getting your hands on belts and charms can take a while!

Elemental Belt has 51 types of belts

Elemental Charm has 36 types of charms

Below are belts and charms list, this will give you some bonus if you just want some extra survivability in Pvp, some also use it in PvE.

[Recruit A Friend]

Recruit A Friend

Recruit up to 10 friends—each recruit helps you progress towards amazing rewards!

Each time one of your recruits levels up and be active, you‘ll progress towards a new reward.

The more friends you recruit, the easier it is to collect them all. See all the rewards you can get below!

[Item Mall]

New skin set effect system

How does it work?

Equip 4 parts from skins, you can get a Set effect: Increase Move speed +5%

- New item: Move speed wings ‘Elite Ultimate Wings‘ and ‘Royal Ultimate Wings‘

- New item: Critical dice L

There is a 20% probability of critical power that the hyper stone is synthesized in this item.

- Two new sets of weapon skins ‘Star set‘ and ‘Drakan Set‘


Choose the rain side and get gifts!

Good day, dear players!

As many of you know, the server started its work 3 months ago.

From the first time, the number of Millena was higher, and it is still the same.

We are not interested in a strong imbalance of factions, because we know what it leads to.

Therefore, from today we are starting a promotion for all new players who start their way on our server!

Each new Rain player at the start of the game will receive at its disposal:

Rain special rewards:

[TIME]White Trumbe Suit for 10 days

[TIME] Weapon level 70 for 10 days

To receive these rewards, you have to send a message to Zyten on Discord

And don‘t forget, that in addition to the bonuses for rain, there are bonuses for all new players (Millena and Rain) on the server!

Trumbe Suit for 5 days

Wing for the victor for 10 days

Double skill exp booster x6

Double experience booster x6

HP booster +10% x6

These items are issued for only one character on the account!

The promotion is in progress until 15.07.2022 inclusively.

In case the situation gets better earlier, the promotion will be stopped! It can be extended as well!

If the promotion does not help in attracting players to the Rain side, more drastic measures will be taken,

in the form of transfers from race to race and complete closure of registration for the Millena side.

But we would not like to do this.

We are waiting for you on the rain side! Enjoy the game!

Pay attention! We will check the new rain characters to make sure the new characters are active and if a Millena player creates a rain character to only take the rewards,

it will cause the armor rewards to be lost even if the player‘s enhancement armor

#StaySafe and Play Seiya Online

Until next time!

The SEIYA Team