Seiya Classic 1.0.6 Patch

[Aestelar Map]

Are you ready to face off against Giga Bice? 

Form a massive raid from millena and rain together to take on the greatest challenges that Seiya has to offer!

Caution: If you don`t kill the Giga Bice before the Aestelar map closes, it will clone itself on the second day and become even more difficult.

How to enter Aestelar Map?

By using Aestelar Map return scroll and it is available at TentroBium NPC

Aestelar Map Open: 18:00

Aestelar Map Closes: 20:00

[Echo Falls Map] Capture the Flag

Team Size: 5 players

Level: 75~80

Nations Associated: Millena/Rain

Registration starts: 03:00

Registration closes: 03:05

Battle begins: 03:05

Battle close: 03:30

Winner Nation Rewards: 300 Fame, Wish Coin x20, 5M Eld for each player

Losing nation Rewards: 150 Fame, Wish Coin x10, 2M Eld for each player

Fame stats: Killing the opposing faction or dying will not affect your honor

Caution: Registering with two characters simultaneously is prohibited and will lead to the ban of one of these two characters...Please avoid doing this to not suspension of your account.

You will be automatically teleported to the CTF. Echo Falls when the Event Starts

Capture the Flag start, at least 8 players must have registered.

If there are not enough players registered, you will receive one message "Match has been canceled because the required number of participants has not been met".

But if enough players are registered, you will be automatically teleported to the C.T.F. Echo Falls when it starts.

[Rare Shop]

Reduced energy powder exchange rate from 2:1 to 1:1

[Daily Events]

Double fame: x2 Fame will be applied daily from 03:00 to 05:00 Seiya Online Time

Drop Rate: +50% boost for items drop from monsters will be applied every Sunday and Monday from 14:00~17:00 Seiya Standard Time

Eld event: +100% boost for ELD drop from monsters will be applied every Tuesday and Wednesday from 14:00~17:00 Seiya Online Time 


Upgrade the power of your items

+10% increase for processing items

+10% increase for enhancement items

+10% increase for creating hyper stone 

+10% increase for creating Critical Hyper Stone

Period: until the next maintenance of 16th June

[Gordo Canyon]

New and more times have been applied




[Seiya Unique]

New times have been applied


Note: It is strictly forbidden to take trade items and drop them to your other character or another friend character in any way.

Please avoid doing this to not suspension of your account.

[Item Mall]

Critical dice[Enhancement]

Skip dice[Enhancement]

Elda insurance[Processing] 30%, 35%, and 40%

Lucky dice[Enhancement] 25% and 30%

Skill Exp Booster

Job Elda Booster

New Mystic Wings, Elite Ultimate Wings, Royal Ultimate Wings, Red Phoenix, Green Phoenix

#StaySafe and Play Seiya Online

Until next time!

The SEIYA Team