Seiya Classic 1.0.2 Patch

[Rare Shop]

Reduce the price for the following items

Job Eld Rate Booster

Skill Exp Booster

Item insurance[Processing]

Item insurance[Enhancement]

Lucky dice[Enhancement]

Lucky Dice[Processing]

Critical dice[Enhancement]

Skip dice[Enhancement]


Level 1~70 EXP bar reduced by 25%


Increased skill point experience rate of monsters


Reported S weapon missions have been fixed


Increased drop rate for most game items


Hey guys as «Seiya Online Classic» Seiya team we wish a Happy Eid to all our players who celebrate Eid today ! Eid Mubarak

For this happy occasion, we would like to announce that we will provide you with some special in-game boosts to help you further enjoy your gaming experience. 

Join us for these rewarding bonuses starting today:

#01.[Boost Event]

+25% Drop rate

These boosts will be available for all Seiyes and will be available for 3 days

Be sure to take advantage of these bonuses soon, they wont be around forever!

#02.[Upgrade Items]

+10% increase for processing items

+10% increase for creating hyper stone 

Period: until the next maintenance

#02.[Surplus Black Gold Coin Event]

There will be a limited Surplus Black Gold Coin Event!

Period: until the next maintenance

Only during the event period, we have a surprise 20% Surplus Black Gold Coin Event for all of the payments!

Do not miss this chance to get an additional Black Gold Coin!

How to join this promotion

1. Click “CHARGE” on the Seiya Online website

2. Check the price of each Merchandise & purchase it having more bonus Black Gold Coin!

How to charge with Vodafone Cash!

1. Contact 01013637685 Via WhatsApp

#StaySafe and Play Seiya Online

Until next time!

The SEIYA Team