Seiya Classic 1.0.1 Patch


Ability to stack Beginner items/Rare shop items

Wish Coin Piece is tradable now

Wish Coin Piece drop rate Increased to KD / TOD / FS / FL

Rental guard is tradable now

Rare shop is now available from level 10

Rare weapons level 75/80 price reduced at rare shop

Fame item prices changed for the last 2 sets only

Warehouse NPC is available in Moshivil if you dont know

China language support in items, skills, monsters, NPC, and game UI


+50% boost for items drop from monsters applied every Sunday and Monday from 17:00~20:00 Seiya Standard Time

+50% boost for ELD drop from monsters applied every Tuesday and Wednesday from 16:00~20:00 Seiya Online Time 

[Playtime! Play the game and rise XP every day]

In case you dont know what time it is to play!

It is simple, while you are online in Seiya Online Classic, the experience rate gained from monsters will increase

1 hr = 20% exp

2 hr = 40% exp

3 hr = 60% exp

4 hr = 80% exp

5 hr = 100% exp

After 7 hours, the experience will return to its normal value

If the player disconnects or closes the game by "Game Over" the elapsed online time will be saved and will be able to complete the time from the remaining time once logged back in

Play-time system reset at 00:00 server time

Seiya Team will consistently try to make a better gaming environment for our players.

[Log-in Time Event! Play the game and claim rewards every day!]

- Period: Unlimited

[About the Log-in Time Event]

- You can access the Log-In Time Event by pressing the "D" button in-game.

- Log-in Time rewards will be given after a set amount of online time.

- There are a total of 5 reward stages.

- The time will be counted once the "Start" Button for the Log-in Time Event is pressed and has to be started after every relog. 

- The online time still will be counted even if you relog. 

- Requires to be LV10~80 to receive Log-in Time rewards.


- You should have 4 empty slots in the inventory before any reward stage is reached to receive Log-in Time rewards. 

- Else, you will not receive rewards at the time of login and rewards will not be redeemed.

- If you close the game by "Game Over" the remaining online time will not be saved. But the completed Online Time reward stages will always be saved,

  and you will have to press the "Start" button again to start counting your online time.

- The rewards are character bound.