Riding System

♦ What is [Riding]?

▶ [Riding] is vehicle of seiya online. [Riding] is increased move speed, and you can do more faster game.

♦ How do I buy [Riding]?

▶ You can buy “Brown Horse” from Pet manager of Millena or Rain village.

▶ You click “Brown Horse Sale” by mouse, Brown horse is moved to Riding slot.

▶ Price is 5,000,000 Eld.


♦ Information about Riding

▶ There is no restriction of level.

▶ Brown Horse is increased your move speed +40%

▶ You can get on riding or get off riding by Ctrl + R

▶ Endurance of the horse is 100. If the horse's durability becomes 0, you should buy horse hoofs from the pet manager.

▶ Riding slot is three. And the decoration slot is three too.(Mask 1 / Saddle 1 / Horse’s hoofs 1)

▶ Riding cannot trade, keep, and sell to NPC.

▶ If you want to make an empty slot, you must drop riding in the field. [Drop items will become to destruction.]

(But, “Horse sale” can trade, keep, and sell.)

▶ Kind of riding items moves to ride slot.

♦ [Riding Tab]

① Riding slot: If you use “Horse sale”, riding is registered to (riding tab).

② Riding Decoration slot : Mask / Saddle / Horse’s foot

(Decoration items can separate, you can register each item. )

③ Riding tab.

♦ Information about Riding

▶ You can buy Riding item from Pet manager of Millena(or Rain).

▶ Game item is only [Brown Horse], another else item is cash item.

▶ Riding is not existed HP and MP. During getting on riding, you can never attack and defense.

▶ Horse’s foot has durability of 100. Durability is decrease per -5 by move distance.

▶ Horse’s foot cannot repaired. If you want to repair horse’s foot, you can buy it again.