Quest Overview

  1. Map Icons - In Progress Quests
    All In Progress Quests are displayed on the mini-map as blue circles marks.
  2. Interacting with NPCs
    Double-clicking on these NPCs will bring up the option to "trade" or "talk to" the NPC. Select "talk to" to learn about any available quests.
  3. Accepting & Rejecting Quests
    Selecting "talk to" will bring up the NPC quest window. Here you can listen to news and stories of the lands you're adventuring in, and also learn of opportunities to perform tasks for rewards and experience. If you want to take on a particular quest, you can buy it.
  4. Quests Window
    After accepting a quest, you can review the description and quest completion requirements by pressing the "Q" key; this will bring up the "Quests" interface. Here, all active quests will be listed in yellow text, and quests that have all requirements fulfilled will be listed in green text.
  5. Map Icons - Completed Quests
    Once you have fulfilled all of a quest’s requirements, look for a red circle on your mini-map. This will usually be the NPC who first gave you the quest; now the NPC awaits your return so he/she may reward you for your effort.