Pet System

Pets are combat companions that follow the player around and can provide a variety of miscellaneous features, such as auto-healing or damage reduction, or attack enemy players.

There are two types of pets available for you to adopt, and they are necessary for you to play the game.

Your pets will travel with you anytime, anywhere

You can have up to 3 pets, but can only summon one at a time.

  • Every pet has unique animations: Every pet has unique animations: Every pet is different, so why shouldn't their animations be? Every pet in SEIYA will have a unique praise animation, and they're ready to show you their tricks whenever you feel like it.
  • Each pet is yours: Name your pet whatever you'd like (within reason). If you want to name your pig “piggy”, you won't have to worry about the name already being taken by another player. And if you change your mind later, you can always change it again!
  • Pets aren't forever...unless you want them to be: Sure, you can keep your pets forever and ever if you want--they won't abandon you--but if you get tired of one of their faces, you can send 'em packing. Don't worry, you can always go collect it again when you inevitably regret it. The pets won't hold it against you.
  • Pets are easy to get: Getting a pet is simple from Pet Manager or from item mall