What's Seiya Online!

Seiya Online is a visually stunning Free-to-Play massively multiplayer online RPG where you fight in an epic war, and you will get to choose which side you want to join and bring salvation to your people and restore balance to a vast, beautiful world shattered by wars.

Seiya Online places the player into the jungle and mountainous regions of Millena and Rain.

The two nations have entirely different characteristics, as the inhabitants of Millena use weapons while the inhabitants of Rain use magic to combat.

Millena people live near the forest and valleys while the people Rain lives in mountains. and now, the Millena and the Rain live on opposite sides of Crise, constantly waging war...

Seiya Online boasts a unique PvPvE system where the two factions clash both among themselves and against NPC monsters for control over special zones, and fortresses and Gordo Canyon battleground and combo system to hit extra damage if certain keys are pressed simultaneously, and a myriad of skills that add to the overall great experience players of all ages will enjoy.

Dueling, PK, Battle Of The Chanceless, and Gordo Canyon.

Dueling is the classic mechanic that allows players to fight players from their own faction or other faction at Dueling rooms, while PK allows players to travel between Millena and Rain zones to slaughter each other and shut down questing through excessive ganking.

Battle Of The Chanceless opens up on a fixed schedule and they stay open for 1 hour. There are level limits and entry Battle Of The Chanceless has a specific location, while there are no exit locations. The objective of this battleground is to get kill enemies and get the highest kill score to occupied the Battle Of The Chanceless at the end of the time.

Gordo Canyon opens up on a fixed schedule and they stay open for 2 hours. There are level limits and entry Gordo Canyon has a specific location, while exit Gordo Canyon has two spawn locations. There are also defense quests, which entice players from both sides to participate in these events.

When it comes to classes players can choose a class such as a masterful Assassin, skilled archer, Templar, Gladiator, Psyche, Cleric, Chanter, or powerful magician.