The human race’s first signs of social organization were in the form of clans and tribes. Small tribes were spread out widely in the Northern part of Crise which today is known as Twinible Forest.

The lush greenery of Twinible Forest belied the ever-present dangers of monsters and the fierce rivalry that existed between tribes. It was during this time that a young charismatic leader of a warrior tribe,

Uniclio Millenas, decided that in order for humans to progress as a race, the scattered tribes had to be unified and a great human nation was to be established.

Uniclio Millenas took the responsibility of unifying the tribes upon himself and with his charisma, superior battle knowledge, and military prowess he succeeded in unifying most of the tribes in Twinible Forest.

Hence the first-ever human nation was born. It was aptly named Millena, after the great warrior king. However, not all tribes agreed to the unification and this group of humans would, later on, establish another nation to rival Millena…

The people of Millena prided physical strength and beauty over everything else as they looked to build on their military might under the guidance of Uniclio Millenas, who was a just and caring king. For 500 years,

Millena enjoyed peace and prosperity under the rule of King Uniclio Millenas and his subsequent heirs. Over the years, as there were no wars and the absence of any single threat that surfaced to threaten the peace, the Millena army was dismissed. Complacency took over and the people of Millena indulged in mortal pleasures such as drinking and dancing.