Specific Game Regulation - Updated!

These rules will help you have a friendly and positive game experience in Seiya. It is very important that each player respects these rules so we can have a healthy and pleasant community.

#1 - Rules of conduct & communication in Seiya

# 1.1 - General

Players are not allowed to use any kind of offensive, harassing, threatening or vulgar language to any other member or group. This includes but is not limited to obscenity and racism as well. All character names and guild names are to follow these rules as well. Also prohibited is the in-game talk of promoting other games and or private servers and dual boxing.

1.2 - Behavior

You should treat other players with respect and be polite, you are not allowed to insult another player or harass them. Inappropriate behavior including provoking or harassment in any manner including private messages or all chats is forbidden, this also includes threats, extortion, and false accusations.

You are not allowed to instigate other players or encourage them to break the rules, these actions are prohibited.

Impersonation of other players including name imitations and imitating messages containing a player’s name is also prohibited.

# 1.3 - Insults are not welcome

Insults are not allowed in our game. This includes any kind of mobbing, defamation or stirring up feelings against someone. Self-censorship, like “You A**” or “$%&!” will not change anything. We wish players to have a proper tone when conversing with each other.

Insults against employees from Seiya Team or Game Masters can and are punishable depending on the severity of nature. This can also result in a permanent loss of the account.

# 1.4 - In-game denunciations are undesirable

Denunciations are not allowed in our game and will be not tolerated. If you have a problem with any players/guilds then send an accurate ticket to the support team.

# 1.5 - In-game chat

Spam is to be avoided. Spam is defined as repeatedly writing the same message in the chat (in a short period of time). Because the chat channel “World Chat” is first and foremost a trade chat, longer conversations and discussions should be avoided. The chat is allowed to search for level groups, ask general questions and look for guilds, sometimes have small conversations as long as it is not spam.  If you want to chat with a player for a long time, that should be taken to pm.  

Accusations/denunciations should also be avoided on chats. Furthermore, writing everything in CAPS-LOCK is frowned upon.

Publishing internet links or hints about third-party providers/games which have nothing to do with Seiya Team are strictly forbidden.

It is also forbidden to mention or discuss cheats, hacks, private servers, exploits, bots or other illegal things.

There are no language criteria on chats, everyone is free to speak their own language as long as it not abusive, spam or not breaking the other game rules.

# 1.6 - Employees of Seiya Team / GM

It is forbidden to impersonate both employees of Seiya Team and Game Masters. Even if those are meant as a "joke".

You can recognize employees of Seiya Team (Community Managers) in-game by their character names displayed in blue and Game Masters by their tag [GM] or [gm]. But a fraud attempt within the chat system is not always immediately recognizable. Do not think that just because a tag is displayed in the chat, e.g. [GM] in front of their name, they are actually a GM.

Please note the following very important points.

An employee from Seiya Team or Game Masters will never in a chat:

●      ask for your account password or email

●      ask you to hand over items

●      threaten with account  restrictions

●      Discuss topics regarding tickets

●      Point out that he or she is an employee of Seiya Team

# 1.7 - Issues with Seiya Team employees or GameMasters

If there are any complaints about individual employees of Seiya Team,and/or their decisions, please write a ticket to the support team. When writing the ticket you should be objective and not use irony or sarcasm. Describe what happened as neutrally as possible.

# 2 - PvP Rules

# 2.1 - General

●      Please keep in mind that you can be killed when you enter a pvp zone. Protect your character to avoid losing honor point!

●      Trying to gain access to other faction towns using any kind of bug is considered an exploit. This rule fully applies If a violation occurs, please bear in mind that a video proof will be needed in order for the appropriate measures to be taken.

●      Don’t forget: A character name Tester( Red Color Name ) or with [GM] tag means [GM] on business trying to look into an issue and that [GM] is not to be killed. Killing after being warned is intentionally preventing a [GM] from doing duty. - this is an offense that can be sanctioned.  

●      Resurrecting AFK players to kill them to gain honor point is forbidden.

●      By entering a PvP area the player understands and accepts all the rules.

# 2.2 - PvP can happen wherever it is allowed.

●      Bypassing the level restrictions of the PvP zones means is considered a major offense.

●      Kill Stat Padding is forbidden! This refers to the repeated killing of a character (usually, but not necessarily Lvl 1) that does not defend itself

●      It is strictly forbidden to disadvantage your own faction.

●      Giving kills to the other faction repeatedly with a lower level character in a PVP map is also prohibited. If a violation occurs, please bear in mind that video proof will be needed for the appropriate measures to be taken or a report via a support system with players' names.

●      Using your own character in the opposite faction to gain kills is also prohibited. If a violation occurs, please bear in mind that a video proof will be needed for the appropriate measures to be taken or a report via a support system with players' names.

# 2.3 - Climbing Mountains (specific maps with descriptions follow)

Walking the edges of a map is forbidden on all PvP maps. Climbing somewhere where you can’t normally climb is prohibited. Attempting to that action using cheat/hack, F12 / PrtScr, will be subjected to punishment.

# 3 - Cheating and abuse of bugs/glitches

Any kind of hacking, editing/modding the client, the packages or any similar situation is prohibited and subjected to permanent punishment. Finding a bug or glitch and using it to gain unfair advantages is strictly forbidden and has results.  This also includes the use of skill cuts etc.  Communicating the existence of any such exploitable bug or hack (bugs that grant the player unnatural or unintended benefits in-game) either directly or indirectly to any other player is also forbidden.

Please remember that if you want to report a player who's exploiting bugs, you can report by sending a ticket from the support center, same as If you want to report the bug/glitch itself.

# 4 - Account Rules

# 4.1 - Account data and Account Sharing

All in-game items and accounts are the property of Seiya Team and only one person may use an account. Selling, sharing, trading or donating an account is strictly forbidden and against “Terms of Use” Terms of Use of Seiya Team  Assisting other players doing so or asking about account information is also prohibited.

You are liable for all activities conducted through your account. Such actions mentioned above are subjected to a permanent loss of your account.

# 4.2 - Multi-accounts

It is forbidden to log in two different accounts simultaneously as it is against the rules to

modify any part of the game client, server or any part of the game.

This means players are not allowed to use VMs/Sandboxes/Multi clients!

It is also forbidden to promote such actions or third party software and results in suspension of your account.

These forbidden actions include; running multiple clients on the same computer and power leveling yourself, having multiple characters in the same raid to gain drops/kills, playing both factions and repeatedly killing yourself over and over to gain rank (stat padding), partying yourself in a duo.

Also, you are no longer allowed to use a spy toon or have another opposite faction account logged in or present on any map your other account is except for trade purposes.

Please don’t forget that it is still forbidden to invite shop characters to groups.

Exceptions(Things a player is allowed to do): Running two accounts on two different computers and using it for trade/transfer purposes or having one character in a shop mode and another in pvp/farming.

# 4.3 - Stolen accounts

The vast majority of “stolen accounts" are caused by players forwarding their account data or not securing it properly. Sharing account information is against the rules and is the main cause of losing your account.

Do not forget: A GM will never ask you about your password or your account info.

They will never offer BGC deals, free rewards, items, tags or such. Thus, do not click on the links which are offering free rewards or which ask you to verify your account.

# 5 - Others

# 5.1 - General

Authority: In any dispute, an employee of Seiya Team has the last word. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to take any decision without providing a reason.

# 5.2 - Trade fraud

Seiya Team is not responsible for any transactions or trade activities between players. Every trade is made at the player’s own risk. To prevent scamming/fraud, do not trade with any player who you don’t trust.

Do not forget: There are some non-tradeable items or GM services in-game, so act accordingly.

Also, a GM is not responsible for assisting trades and can not be forced to get involved in transactions/trades.

# 5.3 – Game Master Help

Apart from some exceptions in events, a GM won’t give any items, gold or buffs to players. They won’t help you with leveling or spawn monsters for you.  Forcing a GM to give any of those mentioned above is not tolerated.

# 5.4 - Inactivity

Characters that have not logged on for 6 months will be deleted from the database. After this period recovery is not possible.

Database purges will be announced in a timely manner!

# 5.5 - Purchase/sale of virtual items and links to sites offering such services.

You are encouraged not to exchange, ask for or give away accounts, nor to request gold, objects or groups in public channels to avoid the temporary or permanent suspension of the account. It is forbidden to use sites to sell gold and / or similar. Trade-in objects/gold for real money is prohibited. The purchase of items offered by Gold Sellers in the game and their websites is prohibited. Please keep in mind that Seiya Team group (Seiya Team) will not intervene against fraud concerning the purchase, sale or exchange between players.

# 5.6 - Prepaid Cards

The purchase and sale of prepaid cards, BGC cards or other real money payments are not permitted. Exchanges for any kind of value and exchanges of objects/services/ BGC are prohibited. Please keep in mind that Seiya Team group (Seiya Team) will not intervene against fraud concerning the purchase, sale or exchange of prepaid cards or similar.

# 5.7 – Tickets

Please take care regarding spelling and provide an accurate description of your issue (be aware that it will be discussed only one issue pro ticket, if you have more issues please send for each issue a singular ticket).

Ticket content, be its own content or answers from the support staff, is not allowed to be transmitted to third parties.

it is not allowed to provide false information to the GMs, to provide false informations can bring to a ban.

# 6 Actions

Here you can find a final list of possible actions in response to rules violations:

An account can be suspended with a temporary ban which may last from 24 hours up to a month, depending on the seriousness of the violation, as well as the account’s history (already had warnings, bans, etc.) or a permanent ban.

In the event of a stat-padding, the account will have a kill count reset and have the necessary punishment. For more information(Rule 3): Official Rules

Also failure to follow the rules or directions of Seiya Team staff including Game Masters, the account may result in a mute or removal from the game as a means of a sanction.

●      Do not hesitate to take screenshots or videos of players that are not acting according to the rules and report them.

●      The Game Masters have the right to act independently, according to their own judgment, to make sure that everyone is acting according to the rules and that no one is being disturbed.

●      Every player is obligated to read the rules and to act in accordance with them. Violations will be met with appropriate punishments.