Frontier(Guild) System

♦ What is Frontier(Guild)?

▶ Frontier is an organization for Millena and Rain youngers to pioneer the lette plain. It's a unique community system of ‘SEIYA’ like a guild of other games.

▶ Frontier can be made by talking with NPC – Supreme Heart, Nad Luas. There are 2 steps – the first step is ‘preparing Frontier’ and the next is ‘Approved Frontier’.

♦ Make preparing Frontier

▶ 4 members should be near the NPC to make Frontier. One that should be 2nd job transferred is for the master , and the others are for major

▶ Master should talk with the NPC like below.

About Frontier -> Make Frontier ->Make 'Preparing Frontier‘

Then a window like below will be open

♦ Approve Frontier

▶ After making preparing Frontier, master and majors can invite other players to theirs Frontier. If the number of members became over 10, then the master can ask ‘Frontier Approval’. Before getting approval, most of functions such as nickname, holy creature, emblem etc, are not available.

To be approved Frontier, Master should pay 100000 elds to the NPC.

♦ Break up preparing Frontier

▶ If the number of members became under 4, the preparing Frontier will be broken up automatically.

♦ Break up approved Frontier

▶ If the number of members became under 4, the approved Frontier will be broken up automatically.

♦ Join Frontier(Guild)

▶ Only Master and Majors can invite players to join Frontier. Max number of Frontier members is 30.

♦ Member Grade

▶ There are 4 grade of members. Each grade has different right.

  • Master: Invite members. Force withdrawal. Set grade of members. Divide elds. Get holy Creature. Manage Holy Creature(Summon, Recover vitality)
  • Major: Invite members. Force withdrawal. Manage Holy Creature(Summon, Recover vitality)
  • Assist: Can give membership fee to frontier and can get one’s portion when dividing Frontier elds. Can get effect of holy creature’s aura.
  • Member: No right. But can get effect of holy creature’s aura.
  • ( Max number of Major grade is 3. There is no limit of number in ‘Assist’ or ‘Member’ grade. There also can be no one in each grade.)

    ♦ Withdraw

    ▶ Any one can withdraw for oneself. Master or Major can force any member to withdraw.

    ▶ If master withdraw, the right of master will be succeeded to one of major and if there is no major, the right will be succeeded to other under grades.

    ♦ Register Emblem

    ▶ 32*32 / 32bit / JPG, and pngformat. Copy such a file to the directory where ‘SEIYA’ is installed. And type ‘/createemblem filename.ext’ on the chatting window in-game interface.

    ( Only Master can upload emblem just once. The file size should be under 4096 bytes )

    ♦ Frontier Fame rate

    ▶ Frontier Fame rate = sum of all the member’s fame rate + holy creature’s stored exp.

    Holy Creature

    ♦ What is Holy Creature?

    ▶ Holy creature is Frontier common pet system. It grows from a small egg to miraculous looks as level goes up.

    ▶ Usually they stay in another dimension but if a master or major summon it, it appears in this real world. The move speed of the summoner becomes slow down 30%.

    ▶ Holy creatures summoned in real world give the members aura to increase attack ability or restore HP etc.

    ▶ Holy creature spends vitality by absolute time even though it doesn’t be summoned in real world. So master or major should often give vital supplement not to let it killed.

    Frontier Instant Dungeon

    ♦ Instant Dungeon for Frontier only

    - Only the ‘Frontier league’ that has members at least more than 4 numbers (MAX 12 numbers) can enter Frontier instant dungeon.

    - There are 2 dungeons. One is ‘Nest of Kelberoth’ for lower levelers, the other is ‘Kitchen knife of Shimulk’ for higher levelers.

    ♦ 2. Features

    - Holy creatures gain twice EXP in these frontier instant dungeon. Only frontier members that organized a league can enter these dungeon.

    - Frontier instant dungeon is a hall in underground. There are 3 caves through which monsters enter this hall and attack players. Every 10 minutes, semi-boss monsters appear and finally boss monster enters this hall. To clear this instant dungeon, the frontier league members have to kill this boss.

    All the elds that are got in this dungeon belongs to ‘Frontier Elds’ not to the individuals. When the boss is killed, it will drop unbelievable items.

    But players can not get Exp in person though they kill monsters.

    The estimated time is 40 ~ 45 minutes if the league members are composed with enough ability

    ♦ Map Information

    This is overview of Frontier instant dungeon – a hall with 3 caves.

    The map structure of ‘Nest of Kelberoth’ is same with that of ‘Kitchen knife of Shimulk’. It’s just different from monster’s and item dropped.