Battleground "Gordo Canyon"

When you're ready to take on the opposing faction, you can head over to the PVP Battleground ( Gordo Canyon ) to fight for your faction honor.

You can access it from a portal in the Moshivil map. The objective of this battleground is to take the crystals in the map.


Battleground ( Gordo Canyon ) is available

  • Gordo Canyon is the ultimate PvP map for levels 60-80

    Apulune Preparation Rooms
    Gordo Canyon Map

    ● The compensations

    Compensation condition

    Only occupying nation


    ▣ Private person

    Some Honor point (people of the only occupying nation)

    ▣ Country Compensation

    Can enter into the Instant dungeon.

    Dungeon in the battlefield available for 2 hours for the winner faction for a chance to get rare items. Dungeons in the individual game server battlefields are still available for your adventuring pleasure.

    Post Battle NPC(Sallo) in battel field.

    1. If your country occupies a symbol, a nation can lease temporary soldiers.

    2. You can lease soldier by NPC of PVP map,

    NPC is arranged in Millena, Rain, and PVP map.

    3. You can buy items(Sales soldier) from NPC, and the soldier has a time limit.

    Time over: Soldier will disappear.

    4. Soldier has only attack ability.

    Two types: Neighboring / Long-range

    5. According to Character LV, the soldier lease is limited.

    6.Soldier has not HP and CP.

    7.Soldier system is the same to Pet system.

    So Pet slots are changed to four slots.

    8. Pet and Soldier cannot summon at the same time.

    How to gain honors

    1. Enter a PvP battlefield.
    2. Defeat other players
    3. Occupied the battlefield with your faction

    Advantages to honor up


    Honor up allows players to gain more stats than other players from honor items.


    Honor up allows players to gain access to honor weapons, armors, and hats.


    Honor up allows players to gain more skill points more than other players and upgrade their own skills.

    Glory and fame

    Glory on the battlefield and fame outside of it. Reach for the famous player rankings at the game website. In-game the player's name will changed to different colors based on the gained honor point.


    • A player will not gain honor points when defeating another player that is 20 levels lower than themselves.