Common GameGuard error types and their fixes

Error 100

A: it means your computer has a virus infection. Update your antivirus to the latest and then scan your computer. If the error persists, it may be a virus that cannot be easily detected.

A: indicates that NProtect has been loaded once but still resides in your computer’s memory. Open Task Manager from CTRL+ALT+DELETE, select Processes, and end process for u_skidprogram and GameMon.des. If this doesn’t help, restart your computer.

A: to resolve this error, ensure your computer is virus free and you have enough memory available. Update your antivirus, and ensure you have few programs open at the same time. Disable any security software, temporarily, as these may prevent GameGuard from executing, then scan your computer with an updated antivirus to remove any viruses that are affecting GameGuard, and check your computer for minimum system requirements.

A: is very common, but there’s no specific solution to this error. However, it generally indicates that some software on your computer is hindering NProtect from loading. Check that you have admin access to your computer and you have shut down any unnecessary software. You can also end processes or system services that aren’t necessary, and temporarily disable your security software which may prevent GameGuard from executing. Restart your computer and see if the GameGuard error 114 goes away.

A: This indicates that the game has executed multiple times, or that GameGuard is running already. Close the game and reboot your PC.

A: this error indicates that NProtect is either incomplete or damaged. In this case, delete the GameGuard folder and repatch it, or try to click on the Check Files button.

A: This means the setup file for GameGuard either doesn’t exist, or has been corrupted. Delete the GameGuard folder and restart your computer, then download GameGuard all over again. You can also download the setup file for GameGuard and install the GameGuard folder.

A: this error indicates your computer has a severe virus or your OS/Hard disk are corrupted. Check with Microsoft support to help restore the file in your specific operating system version. You can also check for viruses and reinstall your browser or rsabase.dll in the system folder based on the version of Internet Explorer you use.

A: if you get this GameGuard error, the tool may still be running, but close Seiya Online if it is open, then wait for about one to two minutes and restart the game. If it persists, restart your computer.

A: this is caused by a problem with GameGuard INI, so the program doesn’t launch. Delete the GameGuard folder and re-run the game again to download the NProtect files. You can also delete the folder, restart your computer and let the launcher download the GameGuard folder again, or reinstall the setup file and try running the game again.

A: this is also called the completer skill bug, and it is caused by overlapping computer and other skills and can cause frequent DC’s leading to a permanent ban as it is considered speedhacking. Reinstall GameGuard and ensure the client is functional to fix this GameGuard error.

A: this indicates that an illegal program has been detected. Close all unnecessary programs and try again (check for third party tool programs as well). Launch Task Manager and terminate any illegal or unnecessary programs and processes. Scan your PC with an updated virus scanner to remove viruses that may be in the NProtect blacklist. Run Windows in Diagnostic startup by right clicking Start>Run>type msconfig>OK then under General, select Diagnostic startup and reboot your PC.

A: this is an initialization error. Update DirectX and your graphics card drivers. If this doesn’t help, delete the GameGuard folder and restart the game to reinstall and update GameGuard.

A: this indicates that NProtect patches failed to download either due to network issues or an overly restrictive firewall leading to failed downloads. Check your firewall or antivirus settings and let GameGuard patch its files. if the network is not stable currently, the internet or firewall settings might be having some issues so you need to manually adjust them. If GameGuard still doesn’t update, find the hosts files from C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ and right click on the host file, select properties, then ensure the read only option is unchecked. Open the hosts file with Notepad, and delete all lines and text under …. # …….. …….. localhost. Close the hosts file, accept changes, and restart your computer. Ensure you have enough bandwidth and no upload/download is crowding your internet connection. If using WiFi, ensure it is stable and no one else is using it, then close any other apps besides Seiya Online.

A: GameGuard has been canceled by the computer’s user, so restart and do not cancel GameGuard option. You can also try connecting again or confirm if the network status by pressing retry button.

A: this means the NProtect patch process has failed due to corrupted files or an overly restrictive firewall. To fix this GameGuard error, allow NProtect access through your firewall, and if it persists, delete GameGuard directory. If the update isn’t successful or GameGuard file is corrupted, try again later or check firewall settings. Also scan GameGuard folder from the game directory and download it using the manual link, install and try again.

A: this means GameGuard did not install well, probably it was canceled or something happened. You can download GameGuard again, or go to Internet>Settings>Network>Check security program is working or not. Also check if you need authorization to use the internet before connecting to it.

A: this indicates the problem is with your internet connection, and security software. You can either wait and try later, or verify your firewall settings. If you fail to connect to GameGuard update server, download GameGuard manually and install it again.

A: this relates to invalid timestamp or the timestamp is out of the acceptable boundaries, encountered when entering dungeons so it is a failsafe to stop bots from entering dungeons using fake or forged packets. You need to trace all cases to either multiple people in a team trying to enter a dungeon at the same time so each will get the error as the team is DC, or, the people’s connection is unstable due to excessive uploading/downloading on the network, or inefficient networking hardware (router/WiFi cards/WiFi Ariels). Resolve it by checking the connection status and identify the source of the weak connection, then remove the problem.

A: this is due to a GameGuard error, so delete the GameGuard folder and reinstall it or let the launcher download a fresh copy, or replace with the one that works (from another person)

A: indicates that there’s a program that conflicts with GameGuard. Check Task Manager for such a program and close it by clicking End Process.

A: this indicates that GameGuard files are not found or have been changed. Delete the GameGuard folder and try again.

A: This is related to animations and GameGuard too. Reinstalling GameGuard and ensuring the client is functional will resolve this GameGuard error.

A: indicates that your computer is lagging

Other errors

If you get an error such as ‘Cannot display video mode’, reinstall the game or reinstall the graphics card. If you keep getting DC’ed a few minutes into the game, go to C:\SeiyaTeam\SeiyaOnline\RockClient.exe. Right click and select Properties>Compatibility>Change to other lower ones.