Account Policy ( Seiya Online )

1. Purpose of Account Policies

These policies are provided to assist both game & Seiya Online management so everyone can enjoy their stay here. We ask that all users abide by these policies in order to ensure a quality gaming environment and to further improve the game and service. If any changes are made to the policy, a notice on the website will be posted.

2. Seiya Online Online Account Policy

(1) This policy exists to provide consistent support for problematic situations that may occur within the games. Users may be restricted from game/Seiya Online usage if policies are violated.

(2) The user may receive a warning when determined to have committed actions against the policy by the Seiya Online Team [hereafter known as SO Team]. If there is no sign of correcting these actions, service may be limited or suspended on the account. The SO Team may also terminate the usage of the account without notice depending on the severity of the case.

(3) This policy is provided as a guideline in cases in which an identical or similar situation occurs. If it is determined that a better rule may apply, then such action will be adjusted accordingly by the SO Team.
(4) Issues not covered in this policy will follow the End-User License Agreement.

3. User Account Maintenance

Users must maintain their own accounts. No support will be provided for problems that occur due to negligence of the account by the owner. Any attempts to trade items, characters or accounts for real currency will result in a restriction of the accounts without warning. Also, any problems that result from the sharing of an account or other such actions are the sole responsibility of the account owner.

4. Game Policies

Inappropriate Action

The following actions are not allowed in-game or on the Seiya Online FB page:

- Using items, skills, or the game environment to intentionally disturb or harass other individuals.
- Repeating a single phrase or similar phrases, preventing others from using the chat effectively.
- Promoting any game, business, website, or organization that is not associated to the Seiya Online.
- Scamming another user to obtain items, currency, or other possessions.
- Using 3rd party programs that have not been approved by the Seiya Online support team.
- Selling or purchasing in-game items or currency from locations other than the Seiya Online website with real-world currency.
- Sharing your account information, or the account information of other users, with other people.
- Using or failing to report an exploit or bug.
- Altering the game client without the permission and instruction of the Seiya Online staff.

Inappropriate content

The following content is not allowed to be used in chat, as the name of characters, frontiers/factions, parties, or be represented by icons or pictures in-game or on the Seiya Online FB page:

- Bypassing the chat filter, or referring to words intentionally blocked by the chat filter.
- Harassing other users using chat, names, icons, or images.
- Referring to, demanding, or promoting sexual or violent acts.
- Releasing or threatening to release the personal information of other users or Seiya Online employees.
- Promoting hatred of a race, ethnic group, nation, religion, political organization, or other affiliation.
- Impersonation of another user or Seiya Online staff.
- Disclosing bugs, exploit, or instructions on how to accomplish an inappropriate action (see above) to other users.=.
- Anything giving the impression that a user has special favor or ties to the Seiya Online staff.
- Any disparaging remarks, slander, insults, or rumors involving or pertaining to the Seiya Online staff.


Taking part in any of the above inappropriate actions or using any of the inappropriate content can lead to a number of actions taken. Any of the following are possible actions that may be taken when an account is found involved in an inappropriate activity:

- Warning.
- Temporary game account suspension.
- Removal of items/currency/character levels.
- Seiya Online account suspension.
- Suspension of associated game accounts (as seen through location, trades, and information).
- Revoked ability to create new game accounts.
- Permanent suspension of game account.
- Permanent suspension of all related games and Seiya Online accounts.

The severity and frequency of ill-mannered actions directly correlate to the severity of the consequence. If you find to have been suspended or denied access in any way, please contact the Seiya Online Support Team to discuss the reason behind the suspension.

*Please note that these rules are a guideline to be followed. These rules may be changed at any time to reflect the growth and changes of the game and the Seiya Online Team. The Seiya Online Team reserves the right to deny service to any user we may see as a threat to our games.